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NEW Katie Eccles Built 1877 Sank 1922 (Images © Doug Arnberg June 19, 2002)
Though not newly discovered, the Eccles is new to divers chartering with the Ducks. She is 95 ft in length with a 24 1/2 ft beam and drafted 9 1/2 ft. She sank in about 100ft of water back in 1922 off Timber island. Her story is as interesting as she is so be sure to look her up and find out her history before doing the dive.
NEW China Built 1872 Sank 1872 (Images © Doug Arnberg Sept 10, 2002)
The China, like the Eccles, is new to divers chartering with the Ducks. She is a 130 ft long propeller driven steamer which caught fire and burned the same yeart she was built. Points of interest include a large 4 bladed prop, boiler and a steeple compound engine. She sits in 105 ft of water Northeast of False Duck island.
Miscellaneous images of various wrecks and land base sites around the point.
Olive Branch Built 1871 Sank 1880 (Images © Doug Arnberg June 19, 2002)
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