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5535 Long Point Rd.
Point Traverse RR#3
Picton Ontario Canada
K0K 2T0

613 476 3764

From the 401, take exit #566 Marysville (HWY. #49) south all the way to the stop sign in Picton (about 20-25 minute drive from the 401) which is just past the Macs Milk gas station on your right. At the stop sign turn LEFT onto Bridge St., whereupon you'll pass the Picton Harbour Inn on your left. Just past the Inn, the road forks, keep to the RIGHT (DO NOT GO TO GLENORA), going onto Union Street. As Union St. goes out of Picton, the road name becomes County Road (CR) #8. Just past a long rectangular square log building on your right, there is a sign on the right indicating a right turn onto County Rd. #17, turn right onto C.R. #17, DO NOT GO ONTO # 8 TO WAUPOOS.

A little while along you'll come to CR #16 (white finger signs indicate Black River, the cheese factory etc.) and you will also see a tall cell phone Tower on your right (if arriving at night, you will see the flashing red lights on top of this tower), turn LEFT onto CR #16 which goes downhill. At the stop sign at the bottom of the hill, turn RIGHT onto CR #13, passing by the Black River Cheese Factory on your left. Continue along this road #13 (from now on, the waters of Prince Edward Bay will always be on your left hand side until you get here), passing the Mariner's Park Museum (out front for decoration, there is a Light House close to the road, if arriving at night, the light in the tower is usually lit), through a cut in the rock, past Smuggler's Cove Camp Grounds on your left until you get to the stop sign, the only one you should encounter once past Black River.

At the stop sign, turn LEFT (you're almost here), the sign facing you says Long Point Rd. turn left. Shortly thereafter, a sign on your left indicates Long Pt. Rd. straight ahead. Keep going straight and the house/ a.k.a. office, is located about 4.5 km from this sign on the left-hand side of the road at 5535 Long Point Rd. The cottages are located on the south (opposite the water side) side of the road at the civic address 5504 Long Point Rd. If you know which cottage you are in (I will have told you which one in an email) and you are arriving late at night, you can just drive up to the cottages. When you get to the parking lot of the cottages, please do not drive up to the cottages to unload, please use the wagon provided to unload your supplies to the cottage.

To get to our house/office, which is east of the cottage entrance, continue down the road from the cottages a few yards, our civic address is 5535 Long Pt. Rd. (CR #13). Look for our sign Ducks Dive by a building (Dive Shop) with a grey roof on your left hand side (north side of the road). If you arrive late and we are not around & you are confused, I will have a sign with a light shining on it posted for you on the red doors of the shop indicating where the cottages are and which cottage you are in.

For a time reference, we are approximately a 30-minute drive from Picton. One word of caution, please watch out for deer as you approach our end of the County. Although you can come across them at any point in your journey through the County, they are more prevalent down this way.

Have a good trip.

Susan Yankoo

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